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Intimate Conversations w/Women


Capris Speaking Topics

While Capris can customize her presentation, here are some of her most popular topics.

Please note that these can be used as a keynote, workshop, or seminar.

Knowing Your Value

A lot of times people do not understand their value so they tend to give themselves away for little or nothing. Taking this workshop allows you to understand your value, understand why you are here, so you can make better decisions in your life.

Who Am I and How is it Connected to My Purpose

We have many descriptions of ourselves but WHO ARE YOU? Knowing and understanding your purpose is the best thing you could do. Knowing your purpose and how it relates to who you are inside are all connected. I believe your purpose is something you do EVERYDAY without hesitation. This workshop will help you identify your purpose and to take the struggle out of everyday life. “No one can be you better than you”.

Your Appearance is Your business Card

What you look like tells a lot about you before you even open your mouth. What is your appearance saying about YOU. This workshop will help you identify and understand how your appearance effects people perception of you and how to change it. “Look like who you are from the inside out ” Capris S. Elmore