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Meet Capris


My Story Is My Platform

Capris S. Elmore is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, and Motivator who uses her complete design, Christ-centered spiritual guidance, and step by step practical principles to help individuals get from where they are to where God desires them to be.

Capris S. Elmore is the Founder and CEO of Intimate Conversations With Women. She assists women in voicing and facing their fears, self-reflection, healing, overcoming pain and helping them understand the importance of pursuing their goals and dreams while authenticating their brand. 

Capris is a graduate of Strayer University, where she obtained her Bachelors in Legal Studies and Her Master’s in Public Administration.  She has provided mentorship and coaching to many persons by referral, in church, where she serves as a Deacon, and personally amongst family and friends. 

Capris is passionate about reaching and changing the lives of women who have a desire to overcome the negative outcomes they’ve experienced in their lives. Capris is a native of NY, currently calling Virginia her home. She is married with 3 children, 2 grandchildren.