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I consider Capris my Life Coach/Spiritual Advisor. Whenever I feel I’m about to pull out all my hair and need to be talked off the ledge. I call my Life Coach/ Spiritual Advisor. I can admit I have a bit of a temper and my attitude at times can be poor. So having a voice of reason and someone to play devil’s advocate is a plus. We all should have that voice of reason that Spiritual Advisor. I appreciate all our talks. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You have seen it all & they say experience is great teacher. So will definitely be a great Life Coach. 

Francois Richard – Queens, NY

My personal testimony for Capris Elmore and what she means to me.  Thank you Capris for being a strong positive and powerful woman of GOD! Not to mention a phenomenal friend! I love you to the moon and back! Knowing Capris personally and professionally for over seven years, she has a contagious winning attitude which causes you to want to win in your everyday life. She’s a vibrant breathe of fresh air!  I know without a shadow of doubt Capris has always been there for me and my family. She has encouraged me to have a new vision on being successful, empowering me to continue my education and enhance my professional career goals. She provided an awesome opportunity for my husband and I to reconnect, refresh and restore our twenty years of marriage.

I believe in her! I trust her and more importantly I LOVE HER.

Thank You Capris for being the best and providing a lifestyle woman will want to follow.

Love you to the moon and back.

Kiva Walker

 Capris has provided mentorship and coaching to many persons by referral, in church, and personally amongst family and friends.  Capris is passionate about reaching and changing the lives of persons who have a desire to overcome the negative outcomes they’ve experienced in their lives. Capris is an excellent Life Coach.

Cheria J. Greene – Suffolk, VA

I have been participating with Intimate Conversations since 2014. I have found a safe place to meet with other likeminded women and unwind.  The first time that I visited I’ll admit that I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect.  Sometimes women can be catty and pretentious but I am so happy that I went because what I experienced was refreshing and something that I not only craved but needed.  The environment was nourishing and a place for me to replenish.  I can let my guard down and be supported as well as be a source of support for someone else.  There really is strength in numbers and meeting with these other women, who are just like me, has helped me find an inner strength.

Jamila Allen – Norfolk, VA